May 4th is the date of the Dutch National Commemoration of the Dead:
"During the National Remembering at May 4th we pay respect to all civilian and military people who have been killed in actions of war and peacemissions, not only in the Kingdom of the Netherlands, but everywhere on earth."

May 5th is the Dutch National Liberation Day:
May 4th and 5th are the days to stimulate every citizen to start activity to retain freedom and to share this with others in equivalence. The Commemoration of the Dead and the celebration of Freedom every year, are moments that all the Dutch citizen consolidate their mutual alliance.

Information about WorldWar 2:
1936:  3 countries pact: Germany, Italy and Japan agree upon conquer the whole world.
1939:  beginning of WorldWar2; Germany invade Poland. France and England declare war to Germany.
10 mei 1940:  Germany invade Netherland, with the intention to conquer the country in 1 day
14 mei 1940:  bombardment of Rotterdam (1000 casualties), because Netherland didn't quit quickly enough, Netherland capitulate.
6 juni 1944:  D-Day. America, Canada and England enter the shore of Normandy in France. Beginning of the liberation of Europe.
1944-1945:  winter in Netherland. Many people died because of a shortage of food, combined with a very severe winter.
5 mei 1945:  end of the war in Netherland
15 augustus 1945:  Japan surrender. WW2 is ended.


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