...my hometown Ymuiden is a port on the coast of the Northsea, with about 67.000 inhabitants. Ymuiden is one of the 7 villages inside Velsen. There are 5 harbours. Ships that want to go to Amsterdam will be transported through one of the 4 sea-locks. They have to transported that way because Amsterdam is 4,5 meter below sea level, Ymuiden is 6 meter above sea level. In Ymuiden are different kind of heavy industries, like a large steelcompany called; "Tata Steel", a power company, a paperfactory, sandstonefactory, fish-trades and companies which provide frozen foods.

There are 2 tunnels underneath the Northsea canal: the Velsertunnel and the Wijkertunnel. The Nortsea canal is build in 1876. Ymuiden is caused by that digging and building. Here we have 4 beautiful historic mansions, which are build in the 17e en 18e century and surrounded by magnificent parks. Click on the link "IJmuiden Actueel" to read more about My Home Town:

There are some YouTube films from the harbours an beach on the edge of my hometown, you can watch them here:

Aerials of IJmuiden 3.50 minutes
jubilee film 25 years SeaPort IJmuiden 7.53 minutes
New sealock IJmuiden 3.54 minutes
Ode aan IJmuiden 5.34 minutes

This is the map of the Netherlands

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