} 31

~ Friendship ~

They come, they go
some toss emotions to and fro
these ones we don't dare call true friends

But the ones who stay
through thick and thin
are the ones we can truly call 'friend'

We all come from the four colors
of our Mother Earth
red, yellow, black and white
each beautiful and unique
and though the colors are obvious on the outside
do they see inside, the spirit of life?

Next time you call someone friend
think to yourself
do they see the real me?
do they see beyond the outer shell
or the masks you display?

Do they respect what you stand for
though they may not agree?
do they love you for who you are
and accept your love in return?
if so, then that is a friendship
that you can nurture,
and get true friendship in return!

I value your love my friend!

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