** Soul Journey **

Beautiful are memories
of a moonlit night with you,
the spark of love rekindled
when all the world was new.

My heart told me I'd known you
in times so long ago,
for something deep inside
had set my soul aglow.

As I looked into your eyes
I knew you felt it too,
the longing grew between us
just like it used to do.

You took my hand in yours
I felt a burning flame,
such a familiar feeling
I knew from whence it came.

Inside my spirit soared
to heights that once we knew
and through the mists of time,
I recalled my love for you.

Soul mates re-united,
bound by ties of past,
through each and every age
this perfect love would last.

So at our journey's end
when the time has come to part,
somewhere a silver cord
will link us heart to heart.

Copyright Marian Jones

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