** The hidden heart **

You only see the way I look,
what style of clothes I wear.
You notice if I'm fat or thin,
and how I fix my hair.
And if I smile and laugh a lot,
and have a joke to tell,
You might think I am happy and
my life is going well.

But maybe I've become adept at
knowing how to hide
The way my heart is breaking,
and the pain I feel inside.
You see the way that I appear
before my teardrops start,
But my dear Lord and Savior sees
what's hidden in my heart.

He plainly sees my deepest hurts,
and all my doubts and fears,
And then He holds me in His arms,
and dries my bitter tears.
I'm thankful for a Comforter
Who knows me as I am,
Not fooled by false pretensions or
a life that is a sham.

So when I look at you I'll try with
love to fully know
The "you" that's hidden deep inside,
the one you fear to show.
And then I'll share the way my Lord
can be your comfort too,
For He desires to lift your load,
and give His peace to you.

Betty Jo Mings

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