How to use brushes in Paintshoppro 8 and 9:
Download here this text as notepadfile (rightclick, save target as)

First make a new map inside Paintshoppro and name it as you like exept
for the name of the Paintshoppro-brushmap.
Click on "file" top left
Click on "import" and "custom brush"
Click in the next window on "open" which is in top left
an search for the map you just made.
Select the brush(ses) you did unzip into that map
Click "ok"
The new brushes show up in the left part of the window
Select them and click "add all"
Click "ok"
The window will disappear
Now open a new file in Paintshoppro:
Click on "file" top left
Click "new" and choose transparant and 16 million colors (24 bit)
Click on the brushtool
Click on the brushpreset top left
search for the name of the new imported brush in the list
and click with the brush inside the transparant new file.